What We Do

Connect People, Devices and Software

We design and build end-to-end IoT solutions based on your value proposition

IoT provides new possibilities for end users by adding intelligence in existing and new solutions. To enable these possibilities, our IoT projects focus on all challenges including hardware, connectivity, data insights, service design and user experiences.

Enable business innovation through IoT

We guide you from prototype to product launch and operational scale-up

IoT is a worldwide technology trend, but is often mistaken as a goal itself. We believe IoT only works as means to an end, for which we actively create value for the business case of our customers. Providing return-on-investment or enabling digital transformation is the basis.

Open-source IoT platform and community

Deploy our open-source IoT platform anywhere to tackle challenges together

Most challenges companies face when implementing an IoT-strategy are shared: managing assets, users, rights, monitoring, … By open sourcing our IoT platform we provide a deploy-anywhere toolbox. This way our customers only invest in strategic product development.

Who We Work For


IxorTalk provides professional IoT services for regional and municipal government.

IxorTalk is working together for the Flemish, Brussels and local governments to provide smart city solutions, mainly in smart mobility. We happily work together with contractors and consultancy firms to broaden our offering.


We provide industry-grade IoT-solutions with operational support

Building industrial IoT solution is way more than prototyping solutions. We take into account the cost of hardware, reliability issues, security challenges, scalability, high availability, operational challenges and privacy issues.


Creating connected experiences to provide new revenue opportunities

When consumer products and services are created using IoT technology, our focus is on designing connected experiences, in which we create new value, new business models and new insights. Connected experiences enable digital transformation that impacts human society.

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Meet The Team

Peter Defreyne

Managing IxorTalk

Davy De Waele

IoT Architect

Ward Jans

Back-End Developer

Robin Hellemans

Back-End Developer

Stijn Tytgat

Mobile- & Web Developer

Rik Tytgat

Cloud- & Infra Expert

Sam Verhaegen

Business Developer

Lauro Vanderborght

Project Manager

Youry De Winter

Service Manager

Schuttersvest 75
2800 Mechelen, Belgium


+32 15 43 43 67

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